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Lashawndla Bailey-Miller


  • Integrity

  • Innovation

  • Accountability

  • Service

  • Quality

  • Team-work


Who we are

Inzzpire365 creates highly fashionable and chic  jewelry, of extraordinary quality,  for customers who prefer difference and uniqueness. With our creative hands, we dare to be bold; merging styles and different techniques to create masterpieces that are extremely durable, gorgeous and timeless.  No two pieces are exactly the same.


"I was searching for purpose in my life. I found hope. I found a reason to live. I felt like I needed to inspire others and give them hope. If I could reach other persons by way of my jewellery, then that would bring some satisfaction to me, and it would feel like I was changing lives. This is because I was I was severely depressed."

As a company we thrive on our core principles, which is powered by innovation. We are forward-thinkers, with the drive and wherewithal to constantly update and improve product quality and designs, while inspiring people to live their best lives daily .


To complement lifestyle and enhance exquisite moments, through the innovation of elegantly designed jewelry.


To build a profitable enterprise that gives hope and inspiration to people focused on having great experiences; through the creation and sale of unique, timeless jewelry, created by a team of skilled Jamaican artisans.

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